Oh. My. God. The “Things

Oh. My. God. The “Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About” page is not only high-freakin-larious (funny enough to give Adrian Mole a run for his money), but it’s also charming, British, and obsessive as hell. I love — love — cranks. (Thanks, Drue!)

Margret’s four-hundred-and-fifty-second most annoying habit is to stealthily turn off the central heating (then light the gas fire in the room she’s in, natch.). I’ll suddenly notice that, sitting typing at the keyboard, I can see my own breath while from the bedroom one of the kids will call out “Papa, I can’t feel my legs.” And I’ll shiver down the stairs to find the central heating set to ‘Summer/Hypothermia/Cryogenic Suspension, and Margret in the living room watching the TV in a door frame warping furnace. Link