This came from Dave Farber’s

This came from Dave Farber’s IP mailing list:

On the Chin Napster’s founder Shawn Fanning took it on the chin at a pro-Napster conference in Washington, D.C., the night before this week’s Senate hearing where Napster, the recording industry, and recording artists like Don Henley and Alanis Morissette aired their grievances before lawmakers. Mr. Fanning, 20 years old, took the hit over his company’s efforts to protect its copyrights: its software code. A programmer in the audience demanded to know why Napster’s “source code” for its software wasn’t freely available. “That’s a great question,” Mr. Fanning stammered, “and one I was hoping you wouldn’t ask.” His answer: “Once the [Napster] user base grew … we had to raise money to pay for bandwidth and for servers, and it became a business issue.” -end- So, we finally can understand Napster’s business plan: “I can help other people steal copyrighted material from you, but you can’t steal copyrighted material from me…..”