Hearings in Toronto tomorrow on the Canadian DMCA

If you’re in Toronto tomorrow, you’ve got a chance to help defeat the Canadian version of the Business Model Protection Act Canadian DMCA:

Significant “Digital Copyright” legislation is currently in the public consultations phase.

This is the process: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/SSG/rp01100e.html

This is the consultation paper itself: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/SSG/rp01099e.html

This legislation will impact all of our lives on both the professional and the personal level. In the smaller sense by creating rules and regs. to control/define much of the legal (and not so legal) freedoms that we take for granted on the Internet.

In the larger sense it impacts us by formalizing a new balance between the interests and rights of creators vs. brokers vs. consumers of intellectual “property”.

If you want to say to your grand-kids, “I was there when they wrote that piece-of-junk || excellent bill”, you might want to attend these hearings.

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