Another bad day for the differently plastinated

A University lecturer smashed one of the plastinated corpse exhibits at the Atlantis Gallery in London with a hammer. Everybody’s a critic.

Mr Lee, from Islington, North London, has been charged with criminal damage and will appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court next month. He believes that a jury will agree with his view that you cannot commit criminal damage on a dead body. He said yesterday: “I decided I would walk into the exhibition with a hammer and smash up the most expensive exhibit to make the point that you cannot turn bodies into commercial exhibits.”

He launched the attack after seeing the young girl being taken around the gallery. “I was enraged that he (Professor von Hagen) was capable of inflicting that horrific exhibition on an innocent child. I smashed up one of them to smithereens. It’s not easy to hit a hammer through a dead body and it took some doing.”

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