Run Office on Linux

Crossover lets you install and run MSFT Office on an Intel/AMD Linux box without an emulator. Office for Linux! Looks like there’re still some bugs and performance issues, but with any luck they’ll sort ’em out.

Installation of all Office programs under CrossOver was point-and-click easy. After installation, all of the basic functions of each Office program worked well. Only features that involved graphics, such as adding clip art to Word documents or animations to PowerPoint files, were somewhat unstable.

Office programs loaded and operated quickly under CrossOver, but slowed, sometimes to a crawl, when more than two applications or several windows in one application were open at once.

Outlook was the most difficult program to set up, and it occasionally froze during long e-mail transfers. Internet Explorer performed perfectly, as did Windows Media Player 7, although sound in the player was muffled even at the highest volume settings.

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