Here’s a good debunking of the Herbalife MLM scam that is responsible for the choking of the world’s streets with “WORK FROM HOME” signs on every possible surface. The author is really nonconfrontational in his language, patiently stepping through the impossibility of making money at MLMs, and talking in depth about the cost to society through the uglification of our commons with millions of shrill “ASK ME HOW” plastic signs.

They all had the SAME message. It was a woman’s voice, and she started the message with a distinctive “Ya know”. In the upcoming days of� phone number investigation, I heard this message dozens of times. The next one was a wrong number, the sixth number was the “ya know” message. The seventh number had a different message, but it had some aspects of the first message, “20-year industry leader” and “tap into mail-order”.� This message, too, was an effort to send me a 14-page booklet.

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