They like it sloppy

The SF Weekly delves into the ooky realm of mess-fetishists:

Pie throwing, however, is just the tip of the cream puff; it is a particular titillation accepted within a larger community of mess lovers known as “sploshers” (an onomatopoeic title for folks who love to loll in such gooey substances as porridge, pudding, or mud) and “wammers” (WAM stands for “wet and messy,” and wammers include folks with a purely water-based focus, as well as lovers of more substantive goo). Gates traces the public emergence of “messy fun” back to the mid-’80s, with the Texas Mudmen (currently titled Sludgemaster) and the UK’s Society for Lovers of Slapstick Happenings (or SLOSH). By the late ’80s, Splosh!, the first magazine dedicated to mess, appeared in England, and John Waters publicly lauded the quarterly publication in interviews with People magazine and Jay Leno. Fringe photographer and subculture chronicler Charles Gatewood quickly added mess to his extreme repertoire, and New York nightclubs began splattering their go-go dancers with liquid latex.

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