WiFi, Blogging and conferences — the end of the one-way “conversation?”

Esther Dyson comments on the changes that WiFi-connected bloggers are making at conferences — what does it do to a talk (or, by extension, to any instruction), if the audience in interconnected and conversing and commenting while the speaker flaps his gums?

In some sense, the power of the conference moderator is reduced. Bloggers can add their own value … and they can relay their version from inside the tent to those outside the tent and out of the organizer’s control.

A paranoid organizer (or speaker or board chairman) could forbid real-time blogging: Please turn off your cell phones AND your wireless devices as you enter! But I hope the audience will object.

Meanwhile, the smart conference organizer will see this for what it really is — an open-source-style phenomenon where everyone can add value to the event.

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