Annotated Jack Valenti

LawMeme has posted a scrumptious annotated deconstruction of Jack Valenti’s disingenuous statement on the CBDTPA:

What rights [being taken away] are we talking about? [Just a little one, called the First Amendment] I’m not trying to be glib. [Well, actually, yes he is.] A lot of people who haven’t thought it through believe that anything on the Internet is free, that you can just go and take down a movie from Morpheus. [This is called changing the subject or dodging the question. When asked about the rights being taken away, start talking about the horrors of piracy instead.]

But most of the people know what they’re doing. [Translation: I’m still not going to talk about the rights Hollywood wants to take away.] I know a lot of students know what they’re doing is not right. [Of course, it goes without saying that Valenti also knows that what he is doing is not right as well. But that has never stopped him before.]

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