Netuicles: like dog testicles, but better!

Sure, you want to neuter your pet, it’s the right thing to do. But why should you or your beloved moggy (horsie, bullie, doggie) have to endure the unsightly absence of testicles after the operation? Neuticles to the rescue! The patented pet-testicle replacement technology will restore the natural look and feel of pet-testicles without any of the traditional, testicle-driven aggressive behaviours. At $30 a pair (no word on whether you can buy onesies), can you afford not to give your beloved critter a fair pair-o-nuts? This is weird enough (and funny enough) to be a hoax, but please let it not be.

Do Neuticles come in different models?

Neuticles are available in 3 models: NeuticlesOriginals, NeuticlesNaturals and NeuticlesUtra. Each are crafted from FDA medically-approved (for human use) materials- replicating the animals testicle in size, shape and weight.

Do Neuticles come in sizes?

Five-sized Neuticles are available for any-sized canine or feline. One size is currently available for equine and bulls. Refer to sizing chart for additional information and 3D sizing chart. Custom sizing is available.

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