Printing circuits with inkjet printers

New Scientist article describes how an inkjet printer can be used to homebrew printed circuit boards. There’s every indication that inkjets have some pretty powerful applications; we’ve already seen inkjets that use edible inks to print high-res photos on sheet-cakes, and inkjet “Napster-fabbers” that lay down layer after layer of goo that hardens into a 3D form of your specification.

The researchers have so far used the technique to make simple organic LED arrays that display images when connected to a power supply, as well as power-generating solar cells. But Jabbour believes the technique could be used to create many different types of device.

This flexibility comes in part from the ability to print semi-conducting polymers on many different surfaces, he says: “We have put them on to textiles, silicon wafers, plastic, glass – you name it.”

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