The great Catholic School knee-sock stand-off

Catholic Schools in Ontario have given up on trying to regulate the length of kilts (student roll their waistbands or get caught by unexpected growth spurts) and so they’re banning knee-socks instead, in favor of tights. When I was a kid in Toronto, the girls at the alternative schools I attended would point to the Catholic schoolgirls’ knees and say, “See, wearing a short skirt in winter makes your knees fat — your body tries to keep its joints warm.” The schoolgirls are enganging in civil disobedience, blatantly sporting knee-highs and leaving their tights at hime.

“A lot of girls have their kilts shorter (than allowed) and they wear shorts underneath,” Jalsevac said. “But there’s a handful of girls who have decided the new thing is to not do that. And they’ve ruined it for everyone.”

Both Gallo and his students blame a small clique of Grade 9 and 10 girls who are wearing thong underwear under their kilts.

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