AOL/Time-Warner versus interracial dating

The juror at a wrongful dismissal suit has written an amazing account of the disgusting treatment AOL/Time Warner afforded an employee to discourage his interracial dating. The harrassment was quite astounding, and what’s more, the judge’s instructions to the jury made it impossible for them to side with the employee, which meant that AOL/TW got off scott-free.

The story itself is almost too perfectly revolting, to archetypal. That, combined with the plea for funds, suggests that this may be a hoax. Anyone wanna do some research (i.e., get a docket number and a phone number for the Florida court)?

* He was shown porn of black cheerleaders by his manager and asked if his fianc�e looked like that. This manager (Chris Nightingale), while swearing under oath that he displayed pornography at work (multiple times) in a deposition six months ago, has not to this day been reprimanded even verbally.

* He was told by the H.R. representative that mixed marriages don’t work, and if he marries a black woman he will lose his job at Time Warner.

* His own (personal) laptop was taken from his car without his consent and the hard drive stripped and deleted because “it may have had company records on it”.

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