Like Kazaa, but without the invasions of privacy

Good Wired News story about Kazaa Lite, an unauthorized Kazaa network client that runs without any of the spyware surprises and other hidden code. The Kazaa people are hardly approaching this project with good humor and a strong commitment to the value of interoperability in an innovation marketplace — rather, they’re chasing down sites that make Kazaalite available for download and sending them cease and desist letters.

See In a statement forwarded to, a website dedicated to the software program, a Russian programmer known only as “Yuri” outlined his motives for creating Kazaa Lite: “It is not my intention at all to stop Kazaa from earning advertising revenue. In fact, I am thankful to Kazaa for creating their great software and the FastTrack network. I only want to make it clear that Kazaa has to stop misleading the people who use their software.”

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