NSI horror stories

Well, I took a three-day weekend off and had a fine old time. Of course, now it’s time to pay the piper and deal with the hundreds of messages in my in-box.

First up, here’s a blog documenting NetSol horror stories. NetSol is our least favorite registrar, a division of the “trust” company Verisign, and this singular site documents abuse after abuse, demonstrating the depth of NetSol’s incompetence, villainy and dishonesty.

On domain ________.com no notification of renewal was received until June 2001, however expiration was 5/12/01. When transfer to Tucows was attempted, Network Solutions refused to allow transfer. Informed by [winning registrar customer service] that there was nothing they could do to assist. Forced to pay NetworkSolutions their bloated fee for another year so as not to lose the domain, since they had ALSO hoarded the domain past its expiration.

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