Porn: Where old domains go to die

This is an amazing case-study documenting a porn-site that has registered over 4,000 expired domains and pointed them at itself (presumably on the grounds that people following old bookmarks and links to the original site will see the porn and possibly register for the site). The documentation is really amazing: The author’s gone back to snapshots of the old domains to see what they looked like and what their meta-tags said they were about.

Current title: Tina’s Free Live Webcam
Old title: Pace Technologies
Google: Pages containing (50), linking to Old description: providing web design and hosting, e-commerce solution, email accounts, web application development, domain name registration… one of the chinese leading agencies.
Old keywords: website hosting, web advertising, web publishing, complete web design packages, web designing, web design, email To fax, e-commerce, electronic stores, virtual mall, payment, order form, shopping cart, virtual hosting, virtual server, customized programmi …
Archive: index, as of ~1/1/2000 (871 distinct snapshots among 999 archives since Nov 5, 1996)

Current title: Tina’s Free Live Cam
Old title: Pack Attack Online- “Your source for the Green Bay Packers”
Google: Pages containing, linking to
Old description: Green Bay Packers Pictures, Live news, stats, and more!
Archive: index, as of ~1/1/2000 (7 distinct snapshots among 9 archives since Mar 4, 2000)

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