Sterling’s CFP speech

Bruce Sterling gave a remarkable, inflammatory, hilarious, confusing, terrific speech at Computers, Freedom and Privacy in San Francisco. It’s a Sterling classic:

So, I went to my hotel room here. Very nice, perfectly acceptable. It has a bedside digital clock that was never reset for daylight savings time. There’s even digital media on the hotel TV. Did anyone else notice Channel 19? It’s supposed to be showing a promotional DVD for San Francisco tourist sites. But it’s a scratched DVD. So there has been a scratched record, repeating the same 5 to 7 seconds of video, around the clock, in this hotel, all week. DVDs really suck. When they malfunction, the visual damage on the screen is just awe- inspiring. Why several hundred computer experts at CFP never complained to hotel management about this stuck DVD, that is beyond me. I mean, it is a commercial DVD, so maybe they were afraid of being prosecuted under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But come on! How long has this thing been malfing? Maybe it’s been screwed-up ALL YEAR!

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