Comrade Smurf

The Smurfs as Marxist parable. The parallels are quite amazing; I’m still reeling from the similarity of “Comrade _________” and “_________ Smurf.”

Papa Smurf represents Karl Marx. He is not so much the leader of the Smurfs as�an equal revered by the others for his age and wisdom. He has a beard, as did Marx, and thus could conceivably be a caricature as well. And lastly, he wears red, which is the traditional colour of socialism. Brainy Smurf could represent Trotsky. He is the only one in the village who comes close to matching Papa’s intellect – he is a thinker. With his round spectacles, he could also be a caricature of Trotsky. He is often isolated, ridiculed or even ejected from the commune of the village for his ideas. And of course, Trotsky was banished from the USSR.

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