Rosetta Stones: $25,000

The Long Now Foundation has a store! And unline the crappy affinity items that most charities give you if you slip ’em a couple bucks (how many tote-bags can one PBS watcher usefully own?), these are really cool:

First Edition Rosetta Disk: (25 will be made, 23 remaining)
We are creating a limited edition run of 25 Version 1.0 Rosetta Disks and Containers, which we are offering in exchange for donations of $25,000 and above. Proceeds will support our global collection efforts to build the 1,000 language archive and complete the disk. The delivery date is the summer of 2003. You can see the design for the disk and container in the “about this project” part of our site under “concept” and “design”. $25,000

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