ICANN reform, an alternative view

Elliot “Tucows” Noss and some pals have penned an alternate ICANN reform proposal: The Heathrow Declaration.

1.����� The governance of the DNS should be appropriate and proportionate to the nature and needs of the DNS. Accordingly, the governance of the DNS should not outlast the useful life of the DNS. This result is more likely to be achieved if governance of the DNS is more responsive to popular demand for domain names and a coherent working DNS than to formal arrangements among states.

� 2.����� Owing to the role of states in the management of country codes, the role of a central manager of the DNS, such as ICANN, is naturally larger in relation to generic TLDs than it is in relation to country codes.

3.����� Those who wish to participate in the management of the DNS should contribute to the funding of it, possibly with some exception for non-profit entities.

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