Telecoms policymakers blown away by WiFi sales figures

Kevin Werbach describes the astonishment of policy-makers when he drops the WiFi bomb on them: 1.5 million 802.11b cards sold every month. Meanwhile, in DC, they’re pushing ahead with a plan to provide municipal lighting by filling standards with gas that glows when you hit it with 2.4GHz radio — a plan that will saturate the city with radio waves that drown out 802.11b.

For the past day, I’ve been at a small workshop on spectrum policy hosted by the Aspen Institute.� Aspen regularly assembles key figures from the government, private sector and academia to frame emerging communications and Internet policy issues.� This one was interesting.� I was there to advocate open spectrum and unlicensed wireless technologies, like 802.11/WiFi.� It was heartening to see the level of awareness about WiFi among the lawyers, economists, lobbyists and policy-makers.� They realize something important is going on here.� Still, most of them were shocked when I mentioned there are now 1.5 million WiFi cards being sold every month.

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