Figment come back to Epcot

Journey into Imagination at Epcot Center is re-opening, and Figment (the purple dragon sidekick of Dreamfinder from the original Journey) has been sprinkled throughout. A confession: I loathe Figment. However, my pal Grad can’t live without him. Hence this post:

“The return of Figment adds another level of excitement to this re-energized attraction,” said David Mumford, show designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. “Journey Into Imagination with Figment is bright and fun and should appeal to guests of all ages.”

The revamped attraction also heralds the return of “One Little Spark,” an uplifting song written by legendary Disney composers Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman for the attraction’s original opening in March 1983. Comic actor Eric Idle also returns as Dr. Nigel Channing, a role he originated in the adjacent “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” 3-D attraction at Epcot.

Awright, putting a Sherman Brothers original song back into the park is all to the good, but Figment — shudder. Link Discuss