Dark-ride enthusiasts unite!

The Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts’ site is a fantastic tour of the nation’s dark-rides. You can have your puke-making coasters, your centrifuges and teacups. Keep your namby-pamby bumper-cars and carousels. Mine’s the dark-ride, the hiss and pop of the hydraulics and the clatter of the ride-cars, the klaxons and strobe-lights and bored, stoned teenagers in hockey masks and defanged-chainsaws leaping out of the shadows.

Dafe is a not-for-profit organization, staffed by volunteers, devoted to those attractions related to the darkride and funhouse. Some of the attractions we intend to explore will include- funhouses, walk-throughs, darkrides, glass houses, mazes, old mills, Noah�s Arks, mystery shacks (tilted houses), and haunted swings.

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