Christian P2P MP3 network

ZPOC is a P2P MP3-swapping network for freely distributable Christian and Gospel music. I have a hunch that this is based on AudioGalaxy, but lacking a handy Win box to run the .exe on, it’s hard to tell.

There’s an idea that MP3 trading is nothing but infringment, that there are no substantial non-infringing uses for P2P networks. Stuff like this (and other P2P MP3 networks, like the Phish/Dead concert-recording network) puts a lie to that notion. Technologists are building platforms that specialized, underserviced communities are using to create innovative new systems that serve them without having to be profitable enough to attract the attention of the music industry.

RIAA would have you believe that it is the final arbiter of legitimate music publishing — systems like this put the lie to that notion. Link Discuss (Thanks, Klint!)