Amazing free e-book library

Check out this amazing collection of public-domain e-vintage-books. Not sure if these are Gutenberg texts or what, but I’ve never seen a bunch of these outside of the alt.binaries.ebooks newsgroup. Don’t miss the Tom Swifts!

It was not until he was out on the street, walking toward his home, that the matter came back to his mind.

“I declare!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t get that pin for Mary, after all! Well, never mind, I have a week until her birthday, and I can get it to–morrow.”

He walked rapidly toward home, for the weather looked threatening, and Tom had no umbrella. He was musing on the happenings of the evening when he reached his house. His father was out, as was Garret Jackson, the engineer; and Mrs. Baggert, the housekeeper, was entertaining a lady in the sitting-room, so, as Tom was rather tired, he went directly to his own room, and, a little later got into bed.

It was shortly after midnight when he was awakened by hearing a rattling on the window of his room. The reason he was able to fix the time so accurately was because as soon as he awakened he pressed a little electric button, and it illuminated the face of a small clock on his bureau. The hands pointed to five minutes past twelve.

“Humph! That sounds like hail!” exclaimed Tom, as he arose, and looked out of the casement. “I wonder if any of the skylights of the airship shed are open? There might be some damage. Guess I’d better go out and take a look.”

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