Lawmeme on Internet bootleggin’

LawMeme has posted a great analysis of the FUD around the bootlegs of Spiderman and Episode II floating online.

One of the most prominent and recurrent arguments of the copyright interests is that “digital piracy” is far worse than “analog piracy” and thus justifies the imposition of draconian paracopyright laws, such as the DMCA and CBDTPA. I refer to this argument as the “analog fallacy.” The fallacy is that analog piracy is not nearly as threatening as digital piracy because analog copies degrade with every generation while digital copies remain pristine no matter how many copies are made. While true in a strict sense, the fallacy is that most of the assumptions necessary for this argument to be true are not realistic. For example, one prominent proponent of this argument is Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-Disney)…

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