SARS Digital Folk Art “Z”: Kenn Brown, global flavor, thank you.

At left, an exclusive contribution (link to full-size) created by Kenn Brown, a Vancouver-based SciFi and fantasy illustrator whose work has appeared in publications such as Wired Magazine (that cool cover for the 12/02 “Science and Religion” issue), Scientific American, New Scientist, GQ, and many others. Check out his nanotechnology spread for Focus Magazine, on newsstands in Italy this week. His current projects include cover illustrations for a three-volume Sci-fi anthology edited by Ben Bova, published by Tor Books.

Chronicle Books editor Alan Rapp shared this photo with BoingBoing co-editor David Pescovitz (see this website if you don’t get the joke). More stuff from readers: Australian blogger Andrew Bulhak shot these photos (one and two) of masked mannequins in a Melbourne storefront. Sean spotted a SARSparilla ad and the Official SARS Website which will totally flip out and kick your ass. Charles V. painted this for you, e-mail him to purchase prints. Eli the Bearded points us to this story from North Korea claiming creation of a wacky new anti-SARS drug made from ginseng, gold, and platinum. Charlie O in Seattle submits this on-stage snapshot of indie band Melt Banana‘s guitarist: “I didn’t get a chance to ask him if this was just for the stage, but he played the whole set in a facemask.”

Canadian BoingBoing reader Kean Soo writes: “I only recently discovered, but wish I had found it sooner. I’ve already been exposed to some of the direct-and-less-than-savoury discrimination as an Asian living here in Toronto. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with SARS, and since I’ve been keeping a semi-daily journal comic online, I figured I would write about it in some way. It isn’t finished, but I do have one panel that I turned into a wallpaper.”

Blogger kaminogoya from Osaka, Japan found the provocative photo at left (Link to full-size image). If anyone knows who took the shot, please let me know.

Taiwanese blogger Wei-Chung Yang says, “I noticed that your project doesn’t include any works from Taiwanese artists, so here are some of mine. I created a comic series that combines the two hottest issues in Taiwan right now – SARS, and the hugely popular TV show, Taiwan Thunder Fire, whose protagonist also plays a starring role in my blog comic. His name is Liu Wen-Tsung the Beast, played by Taiwanese actor Ching Young. Liu Wen-Tsung is a ‘never-nice’ guy — he bankrupted his own father, and killed a bunch of people for personal gain. But he’s cool, tough, and loved by the TV audience, hence his nickname ‘the Beast’ . So, my comic is called The Diary of the Beast about SARS.” View Wei-Chung Yang’s amazing contributions here.

Discuss. Read about it in The South China Morning Post here (600k JPEG). Future contributions will be added to the SARS Art Project Archive website, and we may post brief updates on BoingBoing from time to time. Much gratitude to each of the artists and bloggers who contributed, and to Sean Bonner for building Very special thanks to Reverse Cowgirl for introducing us to many of the illustrators and artists who generously created original works exclusively for this project. Susannah, this wouldn’t have happened without you.