Better German tubemap

By | July 30, 2004

Horst sez, “You published a link to an alternative London Underground Map (“what if the Germans had won WWII?”) in German on July 29th. Problem is, as any German native speaker might tell you, many of the names of this map are Mock-German rather than real German and don’t really make sense. “A while ago I attempted a real translation of the London Underground map into German, with station names being real, literal or etymological translations of the English placenames into German. Most German readers of my map agree that it’s funnier than Myrtle’s map (the one that you linked to).

“Incidentally, the translation of the London map into German was part of a project that started with a translation of the underground map of Vienna, Austria into English, which might be of more entertainment value as most of your readers can actually read it. Link (Thanks, Horst!)

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