Katamari Damacy creator’s new game

 Oimages Nobyhouse
Noby Noby Boy is the forthcoming PS3 game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. Over at Boing Boing Offworld, Brandon does his best to understand (and explain) the aim of the game. Also, video and comments! From Boing Boing Offworld:

Just what Noby is is hard to explain, but the fundamentals are simple: you control a Noby “BOY” with both analog sticks: one for the head, one for the tail, flexing, stretching, and eventually tying yourself in knots, in a playground world that’s otherwise devoid of goals. And, as 1UP’s preview points out, a Noby “GIRL”, suspended in the heavens, is similarly stretchy, but only as a progress-bar reflection of the combined total of collective Noby Noby Boy player progress.

It’s a stretch: Explaining Katamari creator’s new Noby Noby Boy” and “Another new look at Noby Noby Boy