Recently at Boing Boing Gadgets… CES!


Recently at Boing Boing Gadgets, we hit CES 2009! We commenced “reporting” (re: boozing) at CES Unleashed, where it became clear — even early into the conference — that the recession had hit CES hard. Never the less, Beschizza found a touching reason to be optimistic, and so, galvanized, we went into CES Day Two with high spirits. Live blogging was the order of the day on Day Two. Joel covered Ludacris and Monster Cable while Brownlee watched LG announce a Dick Tracy camera watch and declare life to be grim. Beschizza was there to write up Netgear’s announcement of a deck-of-card-sized video streaming device. Then came Casio, Sharp and Toshiba, and Samsung… although all of the day’s announcements had their thunder stolen by Sony’s announcement of the sexy not-netbook, the Vaio P. Rob even got a chance to get a hands on. To finish off the day, Joel harassed some people in line at the Ballmer keynote. Today is Day 3, and the first day the CES showfloor is actually open. Beschizza rushed off early to cover Sir Howard Stringer’s Sony keynote, and applauded the CEO for noting that the future is in open source. Meanwhile, Brownlee feasted upon omelettes courtesy of Dell. Joel puttered around the Las Vegas Convention Center, snapping shots of blinged out iPod boomboxes and television mounting kits for idiots. And Rob really wants this car. We’re at CES for another couple of days, so make sure to keep up with our coverage over at Boing Boing Gadgets. It can only get even more random and profane as exhaustion sets in! Link