Live at the iPad 2 event (It looks all white to me)

jobs2011.jpg Attention Apple fans! Dean Putney is liveblogging Apple’s press conference in San Francisco, where executives will soon announce the latest iPad. Expected are front and rear-facing cameras; hoped for is an ultra high-res display, technically unlikely as it may be. Watch the liveblog at UPDATE – Highlights of the new iPad: • It’s 33% thinner, 8.8mm thick, and has pointy edges instead of the bevel. What’s the bet the iPhone 4 will lose it, too? • Dual-core A5 processors are “up to 2x faster.” Graphics are “9x faster” … it can run a 3×3 grid of streaming videos. • It’ll weigh 1.3 pounds. Video cameras front and back. • Ships worldwide on March 25. Same prices, starting at just under $500. • It will be available in white. HDMI out, too, with an adapter. • Apple will offer a bizarre minimalist magnetic screen cover thing in polyurethane and leather. It folds off to become a stand. • iOS 4.3. Javascript is twice as fast. Personal hotspot. Still 3G.