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Yet another test story

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Inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we decided to make our own for content marketing:— Contently (@contently) December 12, 2014 Sunsets don’t get much better than this one over @GrandTetonNPS. — US Dept of Interior (@Interior) May 5, 2014 Default view cards = hidden Sunsets don’t get much better than this one… Read More »

Sierra Leone: Ebola expert patients have much to teach

“Who will be 70 years old? Who do you pick to be your father?” Santigie Koroma searches the faces of other Ebola survivors in the room for a “father”. His real father is dead. Then his gaze lights on Hassan Santuray. “Him,” says Santigie Koroma, pointing to Hassan Santuray, “He will be my father.” The… Read More »

Tests Are Fun

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Some­times sim­ple, uncom­pli­cated things are the best. There are times when I just want to make an old stand-by: some­thing that doesn’t fill up my whole dish­washer with dirty bowls. A cake I can make a day ahead of time and know it will still be moist and deli­cious. Ten­der and sweet with choco­late, cin­na­mon,… Read More »

HMC Tweet candidates

1: Here’s a simple project to try for beginners — Michelle Williams (@Shelbyart) July 31, 2014 2: Oh just @cococakeland continuing her awesomeness with a strawberry cake! — Kelly Lanza (@StudioDIY) July 29, 2014 3: this cute and funny #strawberry cake! my easy summer cake DIY for @followcharlotte — Lyndsay Sung… Read More »

Cheap, easy, no-mess cold-brew coffee 3

I’ve just finished teaching week four of the amazing Clarion Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop at UC San Diego; in addition to spending a week working closely with some very talented writers, I came up with a new and cheap way to make astounding cold-brew coffee. I bought a $10 “nut-milk” bag and a plastic pitcher. Every night before bed, I… Read More »