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Some­times sim­ple, uncom­pli­cated things are the best. There are times when I just want to make an old stand-by: some­thing that doesn’t fill up my whole dish­washer with dirty bowls. A cake I can make a day ahead of time and know it will still be moist and deli­cious. Ten­der and sweet with choco­late, cin­na­mon,… Read More »

HMC Tweet candidates

1: Here’s a simple project to try for beginners — Michelle Williams (@Shelbyart) July 31, 2014 2: Oh just @cococakeland continuing her awesomeness with a strawberry cake! — Kelly Lanza (@StudioDIY) July 29, 2014 3: this cute and funny #strawberry cake! my easy summer cake DIY for @followcharlotte — Lyndsay Sung… Read More »

New post for test new statistics

But PlayStation 4, for all we know, might function just like the Xbox One does when it comes to your game discs. Nobody wants to say yet because they believe that the response will focus too hard on what game buyers are losing – the unfettered ability to rent, lend, and resell discs. What Microsoft… Read More »

Characters of Carnivàle

Show creator Daniel Knauf‘s original story pitch to HBO included elaborate character biographies, which he gave to the actors, the writers and the studio as an overview over the series’ intended plot. These biographies were rewritten before the filming of the first season began. Receiving little to no mention in the series afterwards, the original character… Read More »

Sidebar Testing

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Just a Test Post

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