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Gender-swap Justice League at WonderCon (Nerd pr0n!)

[Video Link] Boing Boing pal Mark Day shot the video above, and explains, Gender-swapping Justice League members Batma’am, Superma’am, Lady Green Lantern, Female Flash, PlasticGirl, PowerBoy and more (at 1:26) plus a vast assortment of other costumes and cosplay at WonderCon — ComicCon’s Bay Area baby brother.

Robot bird takes flight

Festo, creators of robot penguins and a robotic elephant trunk, created the majestic robot bird in this video. From New Scientist: SmartBird is modelled on the herring gull and can take off, fly and land while its flight is controlled remotely from the ground in real time. To take off, the robotic bird flaps its… Read More »