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Cheap, easy, no-mess cold-brew coffee 3

I’ve just finished teaching week four of the amazing Clarion Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop at UC San Diego; in addition to spending a week working closely with some very talented writers, I came up with a new and cheap way to make astounding cold-brew coffee. I bought a $10 “nut-milk” bag and a plastic pitcher. Every night before bed, I… Read More »


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Monumentally bad writing: recovery from thermonuclear war, loan forgiveness, and taxes (1966)

John Ptak, proprietor of the JF Ptak Science Bookstore, reviewed a research project report filled with “putrified moral-punk thinking on envisioning American society post nuke holocaust.” He says it’s one of many “very badly written, deeply obfuscated, sinful research projects” that he’s come across, but says this one stands out because “it is the first… Read More »

Photo collection features old-timey Happy Mutants

Scroll through this set of black and white photos and you will find that our Great-Grandparents’ generation was perfectly capable of letting their freak flags fly when they wanted. It starts off slow, with a stained mattress. But before long there’s bear wrestling, toddlers smoking, comic misuse of med-school skeletons, and, well, this guy right… Read More »

Eva Braun and the Furries

Ben Cosgrove at LIFE Magazine writes, “Recently released photographs — all of them rare, some of them unseen for decades — from Eva Braun’s personal photo albums provide a window into an era and a culture that feels light years away, and creepily, even intimately familiar.” The one where she’s doing Urdhva Dhanurasana nazi yoga… Read More »

The Legend of Zelda: the 80s teen movie

Truly, words can not justify what you are about to witness, but I’ll give it a whack anyway: A brilliant mashup trailer of 80s teen movie moments all smoothly tied together into a video game character love story. You’re going to nostalgia so hard, you have no idea. The details make it. And it’s weighted… Read More »