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Ex-Congressman in Libya to ‘Help’ Once Proposed Arming Gadhafi

Over at Wired Danger Room blog, Noah Shachtman reports on former US Congressman Curt Weldon, who traveled repeatedly to Libya over the last decade and ended up so cozy with the Gadhafi regime that the firm Weldon worked for once floated the idea of selling arms to Tripoli. “Now that Gadhafi is under assault from… Read More »

War and video: Some thoughts on the flood of graphic “conflict clips” online

(Bullet holes are seen on the windshield of a car used by insurgents after an attack at Camp Phoenix in Kabul. Ahmad Masood / Reuters) The Guardian invited me to write a quick opinion piece on the explosion of new sources of graphic online conflict videos, and what that sudden availability of explicit, violent material… Read More »

Kill Team: Mark Boal’s Rolling Stone profile of US unit accused of murdering Afghan civilians, shooting trophy photos

Online today at Rolling Stone, and in the current print issue on newsstands: “The Kill Team,” Mark Boal’s feature on a group of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan who are accused of murdering innocent civilians, mutilating their corpses, and taking “trophy photos” of the bodies. How and why did their officers fail to stop them? Includes… Read More »