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Cheap, easy, no-mess cold-brew coffee 4

I’ve just finished teaching week four of the amazing Clarion Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop at UC San Diego; in addition to spending a week working closely with some very talented writers, I came up with a new and cheap way to make astounding cold-brew coffee. I bought a $10 “nut-milk” bag and a plastic pitcher. Every night before bed, I… Read More »

Cheap, easy, no-mess cold-brew coffee 5

I bought a $10 “nut-milk” bag and a plastic pitcher. Every night before bed, I ground up about 15 Aeropress scoops’ (570 ml) worth of espresso roast coffee — the $20 Krups grinder is fine for this, though I wouldn’t use it with an actual espresso machine — leaving the beans coarse. I filled the bag with the grind, put… Read More »


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