Back when I was a

Back when I was a book editor at Wired books (the defunct book publishing division of Wired magazine), I asked my favorite science fiction writer, Rudy Rucker, to write a book about wonderful technologies from the future. Wired Books folded before we had a chance to publish it, but Rudy found another publisher. Here’s Rudy’s account of the story behind Saucer Wisdom.

According to this article in

According to this article in The Industry Standard, Lycos and Advance (the company that owns Conde Nast) have funded a “group of cultural Web sites including Suck, Feed and alt.culture… The idea behind the group, these sources say, is to link the sites into an alternative-media network, and drive readers to them via Lycos’ formidable search engine traffic. Each participating site will have equity in the company as a whole.”