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Husband plays funny fake news prank on his wife

Pete says: I know my wife has this “AP Mobile” news app on her phone and receives text message alerts whenever something big is happening around the world, I decided to play a little prank on her. This morning I changed my name in her contact list to “AP Mobile” and sent her a short… Read More »

Indonesia: Citibank debt collectors arrested in death of client over credit card

In the Jakarta Post today, news that a Citibank employee and two debt collectors hired by the international financial institution are charged with murdering a customer in Indonesia. The man was the head of a local political party. He reportedly complained to the Citibank representatives about his credit card bill, which showed a higher balance… Read More »

At Fukushima nuclear plant, concern and confusion over state of #3 reactor

Click for larger photo. Japan Self Defense Force members in protective clothing prepare to transfer to another hospital workers who were exposed to radiation at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, at a hospital in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan on March 25, 2011. About 300 engineers have been working around the clock… Read More »

Former CIA officer charged with leaking info to NYT’s Risen

Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer, has been charged with leaking information to New York Times reporter James Risen. While the Justice Department document doesn’t state the nature of the leak, it is presumed to relate to Risen’s book “State of War,” which covers the CIA’s covert spy war with Iran. Romenesko, AP.

Denis Dutton, founder of ‘Arts & Letters Daily,’ has died

Via the Submitterator, BB reader C. White says, Denis Dutton, who founded and edited the website aldaily.com, passed away on 28 December 2010. Dutton was born in 1944, and was also a professor of philosophy at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He was a founding member of the New Zealand Skeptics. Although Dutton is… Read More »

Home bomb factory to be exploded

Remember the Escondido, California home that police found filled with “crates of grenades, mason jars of white, explosive powder and jugs of volatile chemicals” belonging to accused bankrobber/hoarder George Jakubec? It’s so packed with junk that authorities can’t take the risk of emptying it out by hand, and a robot apparently can’t maneuver inside. So… Read More »

Synergon, a business LARP: escape into drudgery!

Synergon is a BLARP: a business live-action role-playing game. Players create fantasy characters who start out as low-level corporate drones and then perform boring, soul-destroying repetitive tasks set by a game-master (called “The Boss”) until they level up. Players also fight one another for the chance to do more boring, soul-destroying tasks. Ambition Points (AP):… Read More »

Mathematician turns down $1 million prize

Brilliant and reclusive mathematician Grigory “Grisha” Perelman turned down yet another big prize for his breakthroughs. Of course, I only know they’re breakthroughs because I read that they are. Math is hard. Anyway, this year, the Clay Mathematics Institute awarded Perelman its $1 million Millennium Prize. His “no thanks” wasn’t a big surprise — in… Read More »