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Dead tree book kills copyright lawyer; he blames “the internet”

Zick Rubin is a copyright/trademark lawyer who used to teach psychology. His work was notable enough to be cited in the The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology . Unfortunately, that book listed him as having died in 1997, as shown above. Wikia, the for-profit wiki farm, has a Psychology Wiki entry for Rubin which included his… Read More »

Waking up without an alarm: 7+ years of living the dream

Image: “Flaming June” by Lord Frederic Leighton (1895). via Wikimedia Commons Since everyone is reporting on their long-term self-experimentation this week*, I thought I’d share my own major breakthrough. I strongly believe that waking yourself up with alarms is extremely bad for your health, creativity and productiveness. I’m coming up on the 8th anniversary of… Read More »