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Art and science are intertwined

“Almost all Nobel laureates in the sciences are actively engaged in arts as adults. They are twenty-five times as likely as average scientist to sing, dance, or act; seventeen times as likely to be an artist; twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature; eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other… Read More »

Meet Pluto-kun, the world’s cutest plutonium mascot

Pink Tentacle has a post about Pluto-kun, created by Japan’s Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation in the 1990s. The helium-voiced fellow stars in a “pro-nuclear PR cartoon entitled ‘Pluto-kun, Our Reliable Friend.’ The aim of the animated film, which features the company mascot Pluto-kun, is to dispel some of the fears surrounding plutonium.”… Read More »

Rube Goldberg photobooth

Alex Crawford and Austin Nelson, graduate students at Pratt, built a “Rube Goldberg Photobooth” for their Multimedia Installation class project. From Architizer: We had both always wanted to build a Rube Goldberg machine but never had a good reason to and we could also never find anyone else interested in spending a lot of time… Read More »

Famous artists’ apartments

(Laura Levine photo) New York Magazine published an interesting slideshow showing the Manhattan apartments of some well-known artists, from Robert Rauschenberg’s loft in 1953 to William S. Burroughs’s bunker, c. 1978. Flavorwire riffed on the slideshow with their own, combining their faves from the New York Magazine piece with a few from outside the Big… Read More »

MotoArt’s furniture from recycled plane parts

Following my post yesterday about Restoration Hardware’s Jet Age-inspired chairs, a commenter pointed me to MotoArt’s fun sculptural furniture fashioned from old airplane parts. The desk above is a wing flap and the bed headboard/armrest was made from a 747 engine nacelle. MotoArt

Travis Louie and Kris Kuksi at Roq La Rue Gallery

Opening at Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery tonight, Travis Louie’s astounding new daguerreotype-influenced paintings of Victorian folk “and their pets” Also in the show, the insanely-detailed “post-industrial rococo” sculptures of Kris Kuksi, who we’ve also previously featured on BB. Above, Louie’s “The Family Yeti” (acrylic on board 26″ x 20″). Left, Kuksi’s “Ode to Herculaneum”… Read More »

235 Star Trek characters in pixel form, all on one poster

John Martz says: Trexels is a limited edition print from John Martz and Koyama Press featuring 235 of your favourite Star Trek characters (give or take a few Tribbles) in pixelated form. The print, an edition of 300, will debut at the MoCCA Festival in New York City, April 9th and 10th, 2011 (I’ll only… Read More »

Opera house’s fabric curtain looks like crumpled aluminum foil

Seen here is the fantastical curtain of the Oslo Opera House. Los Angeles-based artist Pae White created it by scanning crumpled aluminum foil and translating that data into instructions for a computer-controlled loom that wove the material out of cotton, wool, and polyester. “Pae White Uses Computer-Assisted Loom To Weave Opera Curtain Of Scanned Images… Read More »