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Make a short video for Curt Smith’s first residency in two years, win prizes

Photo: Justine Ungaro. Curt Smith (of Tears for Fears) is playing is first solo residency in two years at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA, beginning next Thursday. Vocalist on the original hit single Mad World — a song recently remixed here at BB as a backdrop to a collection of game deaths —… Read More »

dj BC mashes up Jay-Z and Brian Eno: ANOTHER JAY ON EARTH

rageear writes, “dj BC returns with his latest mashup album that crosses the works of Jay-Z with Brian Eno. Known for his previous works ‘The Beastles’, ‘Wu Orleans’, and ‘Glassbreaks’, dj BC continues to make fantastically interesting music and shows no signs of stopping.” I just downloaded this and gave it a spin, and as… Read More »

3D printing with “wood flour”

University of Washington Open3D student Meghan Trainor and her colleagues Juliana Meira do Valle and Kate Lien are experimenting with 3D printing using “wood flour” made from finely ground walnut and pecan shells and wood bark. They’re also expanding into 3D printing with iced tea! A year ago Open3D student Meghan Trainor started doing tests… Read More »

Science fiction movie produced in 48 hours

Precision is a great little science fiction short film that was written, shot, scored, and edited in 48 hours as part of a filmmaking challenge. It’s an inspiring example of how digital storytelling is changing in the face of new, nimble tools that lower the cost of experimentation and production: Precision was always going to… Read More »

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts go digital, play high-tech pranks on riders

Inside the Magic has an early look at the latest revision to the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion, where they have replaced the venerable (and wonderful) post-climactic “Hitchhiking Ghosts” scene with a high-tech version. The original used half-silvered mirrors to make it appear as though a ghostly apparition was sitting in your “Doom Buggy” with… Read More »

Möbius Gear: a one-sided, toothed gear

UC Berkeley postdoc Aaron M Hoover combined math and imagination to solve the problem of building a one-sided “Möbius gear.” He rendered it and then output molds for it on a 3D printer, cast them, and assembled his freaky, mind-melting beast. While searching for a suitable project for CS 285 (Procedural Solid Modeling) I was… Read More »

Stiglitz: wealth concentration will be America’s downfall

Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz writes in this month’s Vanity Fair about the corrosive, self-reinforcing wealth concentration that has hijacked American politics, in which the America’s future is sacrificed to give ever more money to an ever-smaller group of oligarchs. We’ve heard lots of people talking about wealth concentration before, but Stiglitz combines impeccable credentials with… Read More »

How emacs got into Tron: Legacy

Here’s a great account of the good, nerdy thoughtfulness that went into generating the command-line screenshots for Tron: Legacy; JT Nimoy decided that he’d go for a mix of l33t and realistic, and landed on emacs eshell and posix kill: In addition to visual effects, I was asked to record myself using a unix terminal… Read More »