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Sweden exports sweatshops: Ikea’s first American factory

World-beating tax-cheats Ikea have a reputation for being a great employer in Sweden; but in America, their first factory is a model sweatshop, with rock-bottom wages, mandatory overtime, abusive vacation policies, and forced reeducation meetings for employees who support forming a union: Some of the Virginia plant’s 335 workers are trying to form a union.… Read More »

Turn your home into a billboard in exchange for your mortgage payment?

Imaginary Foundation‘s Nick Philip just IM’d me: “Would you turn your house into a billboard to be free of mortgage payments for a year?” He’s referring to the marketing gimmick/PR stunt of Ad firm Adzookie, who are looking to pay people’s mortgages in exchange for turning their homes into giant advertisements for the company. (Mock-up… Read More »

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YouTube rolling out streaming web video service to more partners

Mashable: “YouTube has been dabbling with live streaming across a variety of sectors in recent years — from concerts to Q&As; with U.S. President Barack Obama — and now the video-sharing site is ramping up those efforts by expanding its live streaming efforts and opening them up to select partners.” (via Nick DeMartino)

Sketch 3D: turn your napkin doodles into 3D models

Belgian 3D printing shop i.materialise has teamed up with GrabCAD for a service called Sketch 3D. For $80, you can have your napkin doodles and other designs converted into 3D models, suitable for printing at i.materialise or any of its competitors. It’s a great way to open up the possibilities for 3D printing to people… Read More »

Fake-make: counterfeit handmade objects from big manufacturers

Make Magazine has started to publish my old “Make Free” columns online; today, they’ve posted “Untouched By Human Hands,” in which I speculate about whether (and when) big manufacturing companies will start to produce fake “hand-made” objects, and what makers might do in response. Will the 21st-century equivalent of an offshore call-center worker who insists… Read More »

Marketplace for hijacked computers

Brian Krebs went browsing in an underground proxy marketplace, where criminals rent time on hijacked computers to other criminals who want to use the compromised machines as launching-grounds for untraceable networked attacks. Krebs traced down some of the people whose computers were up for rent and let them know that they were being bought and… Read More »

Colombian Justice Minister ramming through extremist copyright legislation without public consultation

German Vargas Lleras, the Colombian Minister of Interior and Justice, has proposed a new fast-track copyright bill that will require ISPs to spy on, disconnect and censor their users in the name of protecting copyright. The bill was introduced without any public consultation or debate — rather, it is to be rammed through Congress without… Read More »