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Canada’s New Democratic Party promises national broadband and net neutrality

Canada’s left-leaning New Democratic Party have unveiled their Internet campaign promises for this election; they’re a stark contrast to the Tories, who’ve vowed to re-engineer Canada’s network to make it easier to spy on Canadians without a court order. Instead, the NDP promises to extend broadband (wired and wireless) across the nation, to force the… Read More »

Scott Walker gives cushy $85.5K/year government job to major donor’s young, underqualified son

Scott Walker’s administration is all about cutting costs, which is why it gave the largely unqualified son of a major campaign donor a $81,500 senior managerial job in the state Commerce Department. A state official confirmed that the young gentleman got his job after his daddy put in a good word for him. As ThinkProgress… Read More »

Redditor outs astroturfer with 20 accounts

A Reddit user noticed an odd pattern of upvotes for stories related to G4 TechTV and various other game-related companies. After a little investigation, the firms in question came clean (or at least, accounts seeming to belong to them came clean), and admitted that they had a relationship with a pro linkspammer (“social networking specialist”)… Read More »

Google fined for collecting WiFi data from hotspots in France

Photo by Sunghwan Yoon. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license. Google’s cute Street View cars were caught snorking private data from WiFi hotspots as they putt-putted their way through France. Now they must pay a US$142,000 fine. Sergei et Larry, vous mauvais garçons! For example, at 12:45 p.m. on June 2, 2008, at an address… Read More »

Strangely hypnotic mashups of ambient and live police radio

BB Submitterator idontlikewords mentioned the youarelistening.to websites last week, a soothing mix of police radio chatter and ambient music. Choose from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or my personal recommendation, Montréal. French police chat really blends into the music nicely. You may need to adjust the balance of each stream a bit to… Read More »

Sanity comes to sexting laws

Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory writes about a new bill in New Jersey that would prevent minors who engage in “sexting” (taking naked pictures of themselves and sharing them with boy- and girlfriends) from being prosecuted as child pornographers. As Clark-Flory explains, you don’t have to be in favor of kids sharing naked pictures of themselves to… Read More »

Dead tree book kills copyright lawyer; he blames “the internet”

Zick Rubin is a copyright/trademark lawyer who used to teach psychology. His work was notable enough to be cited in the The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology . Unfortunately, that book listed him as having died in 1997, as shown above. Wikia, the for-profit wiki farm, has a Psychology Wiki entry for Rubin which included his… Read More »

Self-pwning cars: the future of automotive rooting

Security researches at UCSD and UWash have been looking at advanced ways of making mischief with computerized automotive systems, from messing with Bluetooth to inserting malware into the diagnostic tools. The most baroque and interesting attack they’ve demonstrated, though, uses a malformed MP3 that exploits a bug in the sound system (I’m assuming some sort… Read More »

Largest Wisconsin protests ever: 85,000+ people in Madison’s streets

If WI governor Scott Walker hoped that sneakily passing his union-busting bill would diffuse the energy of the protests that have rocked Madison, he was sadly mistaken. This weekend saw the biggest protests to date, with 85K-100K people in the streets, accompanied by donkeys, manure spreaders and tractors as the state’s farmers joined the crowds.… Read More »

The Compulsion to Control: Book excerpt from Losing Control, Finding Serenity

Control panel photo by Led Chatfield. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. (This is the first in a series of three excerpts from Losing Control, Finding Serenity.) “Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the… Read More »