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Flapper’s dictionary: 1922

JimL sez, “Originally published in the July 1922 edition of FLAPPER magazine, this dictionary went into some detail, listing the group’s slang and providing definitions. In the process, it also provided an insight: through the slang we can begin to discern attitudes and priorities and the mindset of the adherents. And the adherents, after all,… Read More »

Gender stereotypes woven into language of toy ads

Crystal transcribed a number of “boys’” and “girls’” toy commercials and made word-clouds out of the result. The difference is stark and immediately visible. Word Cloud: How Toy Ad Vocabulary Reinforces Gender Stereotypes (Thanks, Alice!)

English school principal announces zero tolerance for mismatched socks

The City of Ely Community College in Cambridgeshire, England has decided to restore discipline to its student body by nonsensically conflating genuinely disruptive behavior (talking in class) with mere individualism (wearing mismatched socks or brightly colored hair-bobbles). School principal Catherine Jenkinson-Dix is hell bent on producing a generation of young Britons who can’t tell the… Read More »

In great-grandma’s time, little kids went around un-gendered

A hundred years ago, little boys wore pink and little girls wore blue—if their clothing was gendered at all. It wasn’t always. In fact, a heavy emphasis on gendered clothing for children under the age of 6 is a relatively recent phenomenon. Smithsonian has really interesting story about the socio-cultural history of small children, gender,… Read More »

Worldreader: ebooks for kids in the developing world

I’ve recently lent my support to Worldreader, an innovative nonprofit program that distributes ebook readers to children in the developing world and then exposes them to a large library of donated texts from writers from across the world, as well as newspapers and other materials. I was delighted to give them access to all my… Read More »

Chinese censors ban time travel TV shows

The Chinese General Bureau of Radio, Film and Television has prohibited new science fiction TV dramas, following a vogue for shows where modern Chinese people travel to ancient China and discover that it’s not a bad place to be (this having some counter-revolutionary subtext). They’ve also prohibited production of “the Four Great Classical Novels”, (“the… Read More »

Fake-make: counterfeit handmade objects from big manufacturers

Make Magazine has started to publish my old “Make Free” columns online; today, they’ve posted “Untouched By Human Hands,” in which I speculate about whether (and when) big manufacturing companies will start to produce fake “hand-made” objects, and what makers might do in response. Will the 21st-century equivalent of an offshore call-center worker who insists… Read More »

Dagthulhu Tee

DeliGrocery’s Dagthulhu Tee illustrates a delightful Elder Dagwood about to devour a dagwood sandwich with relish, gusto, and tentacles. Dagthulhu Tee (Thanks, Appliance, via Submitterator!)