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Music sampling 101

If you’ve ever wondered how sampling—the art of combing bits of other artists’ music into a new composition—works, then you should check out this new video from NPR’s Science Friday blog. DJ Aaron LaCrate demonstrates both analog and digital sampling techniques, and talks a little about why sampling and stealing are different things. (Submitterated by… Read More »

Parents who won’t vaccinate their kids should pay higher insurance premiums

Writing on CNN, pediatrician Rahul K. Parikh suggests that parents who allow the irresponsible lies of publicity-mongers like Jenny McCarthy to scare them into not vaccinating their kids should have to pay higher insurance premiums. I think this sounds like a good start, but I’d go further: I think that kids should have to show… Read More »

Melissa Forman and Andy Council at Corey Helford Gallery in LA, 11/13/2010

Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City is presenting Melissa Forman’s first solo exhibition, with work by Andy Council in the loft of the gallery. Looks like a cool show! (Melissa’s work is on the left, and Andy’s work is on the right.) On opening night, Saturday, Novmber 13: “Gourmet treats will be provided by the… Read More »