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Gone Riffin’: Rich Fulcher’s new bizarro podcast (audio)

Rich Fulcher (Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box) and Abed Geith (Channel 101) have a new podcast titled Gone Riffin’ in which they discuss “minor issues in the universe.” The half-hour comedy show is “guaranteed to be totally unrehearsed and certifiably riffed.” Rich Fulcher gives Hollywood the finger. Rich Fulcher's Tiny Acts of Rebellion: BB Video Interview… Read More »

“Coming up next” on TLC

[video link] TLC has such a fantastic line-up these days. My favorite shows: “Cake Whores,” “Dr. Drew’s Second Chance, Bad Odds,” and, of course, “Hasty Home Surgery.” Live, learn, indeed. (Thanks, Jason Tester!)

Schwing vs. Putzmeister: Bastardring

We had a few yuks here over the weekend about news that giant liquid-spewing devices known as “Putzmeisters” were en route to squirt water all over Fukushima’s hot core. A BB commenter pointed out that one of Putzmeister’s biggest competitors is a company with the equally nyuk-nyuk name Schwing. So, Schwing and Putzmeister once had… Read More »

GoDaddy CEO: Elephants are “a valuable source of protein”

[Video Link: GoDaddy chief executive Bob Parsons kills an elephant in Zimbabwe. Graphic content.] Just now on CNN, blathering idiot GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons phoned in, Charlie-Sheen-style, to dig an even bigger hole for himself after the Zimbabwe Elephant Killing Debacle. The poor, starving African villagers he left the carcass to should be grateful, according… Read More »