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Sasquatch snowboarding

From UndeadMonsters, your online purveyors of fine “ultra-realistic” Sasquatch costumes. Something about that sentence just makes me giggle a lot. Thanks to Madalene Fetsch!

Software pioneer and ENIAC programmer Jean Bartik dies at 86

The New York Times has published an obituary for Jean Jennings Bartik, “one of the first computer programmers and a pioneering forerunner in a technology that came to be known as software.” She died on March 23 at a nursing home in Poughkeepsie, NY, at age 86. She was the last surviving member of the… Read More »

Althea Mae Koerth (1923-2011)

Early Thursday morning, while my Dad held her hand, the best Grammy in the entire world passed away. I made it to Kansas just in time to see her, and talk with her, before she died. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to post anything here about it, but I want something out there,… Read More »

The new Starbucks cup holds an entire bottle of wine

Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed.com says: “Its not the largest cup in America, but the new Starbucks Trente is big. Thirty-one ounces. “That’s about 5 ounces more than a bottle of wine. “Today after work I stopped in to get a giant iced coffee. In the evening, I replaced it with something more appropriate for dinner.”… Read More »

Happy 11th birthday Boing Boing!

We forgot it was Boing Boing’s birthday today, dadgummit! Our pal Gareth reminded us. He didn’t forget because today is *his* birthday, and by sheer coincidence, the first post ever on the Boing Boing blog was about Gareth’s Street Tech site. Happy Birthday Gareth and Happy Birthday Boing Boing!