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Fukushima upgraded to Level 7 nuclear event—what’s that mean?

The nuclear reactor crisis at Fukushima Daiichi has been upgraded to a 7 on the International Nuclear Events Scale. That’s the same rating as Chernobyl. It’s interesting to me, though, how these two events can share the same rating, but still be quite different in several important ways. For instance, Chernobyl released a lot more… Read More »

Robots inspired by nature: the “DelFly” bionic robot (photo)

Engineering school students look at the DelFly bionic robot during a demonstration at the International Workshop on Bio-Inspired Robots in Nantes April 7, 2011. Some 200 bio-robot technicians from 17 countries participate in the three-day event to show the latest developments in robots inspired from the animal world. (REUTERS/Stephane Mahe) The DelFly micro is only… Read More »

7.4 quake hits Japan, tsunami warnings issued, nuclear plants lose power (updated)

The Japan Meteorological agency reports a 7.4 quake in Miyagi prefecture, northeastern Japan, which hit at 11:32pm local time. USGS reports the same, about 60 miles (96km) from Sendai, Japan, and about 25 miles (40km) below the sea-bed. Tsunami warnings, the first since the catastrophic March 11 quake and tsunami, are being issued throughout the… Read More »

Southwest’s “peeled plane” incident, and the true cost of cheap airline maintenance

TODAY I LEARNED: “metal fatigue” isn’t what happens when you listen to your favorite Slayer album one too many times. (milesobrien.com) Related: Two PBS Frontline documentaries, “Flying Cheap,” and “Flying Cheaper.“ (Photo: Southwest mechanics work on a Boeing 737 inside a hanger at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. REUTERS/Rick Scuteri)

Schwing vs. Putzmeister: Bastardring

We had a few yuks here over the weekend about news that giant liquid-spewing devices known as “Putzmeisters” were en route to squirt water all over Fukushima’s hot core. A BB commenter pointed out that one of Putzmeister’s biggest competitors is a company with the equally nyuk-nyuk name Schwing. So, Schwing and Putzmeister once had… Read More »