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Bahrain’s royals declare martial law

A day after it deployed foreign troops (including troops from Saudi Arabia), the ruling family in Bahrain has declared martial law, and instructed the soldiers and foreign fighters on the streets to “take all measures” to fight rebellion against its autocratic rule. A standoff also appears to be worsening between the two key regional protagonists… Read More »

Former CIA officer charged with leaking info to NYT’s Risen

Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer, has been charged with leaking information to New York Times reporter James Risen. While the Justice Department document doesn’t state the nature of the leak, it is presumed to relate to Risen’s book “State of War,” which covers the CIA’s covert spy war with Iran. Romenesko, AP.

US foreign policy gets enhanced patdown: oddities from the leaks

• An elderly American, Hossein Ghanbarzadeh Vahedi, rode a horse over a mountain range to escape Iran after officials confiscated his passport. • The King of Saudi Arabia advised Obama to “implant computer chips in Guantanamo” detainees, “like horses.” Did you know that Stefano DiMera was king of Saudi Arabia? • The EU plotted to… Read More »